Social Innovation Fund

Social Innovation Fund was started in 1994 and became recognized as an extremely effective Lithuanian non-governmental organization working in many different spheres such as democracy building, women’s human rights, gender equality and diversity, as well as social inclusion of socially disadvantaged groups (unemployed, disabled, immigrants, youth-drug users, women survivors of domestic violence, trafficking and prostitution, etc.

Social Innovation Fund is concentrating in helping to solve youth problems via innovative
methods elaborated by it during past decades. On the basis of the young people needs, the SIF promotes inclusion of the disadvantaged background young people via employability and entrepreneurship. Our vast experience of the work with adults is being transferred successfully to satisfy needs of youth.

Nowadays the Social Innovation Fund is seeking for implementation of social innovations through the creating Social clusters (including International social clusters). The idea of Social clustermeans fostering cooperation between the political, governmental, scientific, private and non-governmental organizations in order to solve the specific problems in the fields of the public interests and societal gain, such as promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities, women’s empowerment, social welfare and well-being at workplaces, overcoming unemployment, social rehabilitation and social integration of the vulnerable groups, violation of women human rights, violence against women, trafficking, etc.

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