Short-term joint staff training events

  C1 – short-term joint-staff training event held in Spain in Month 13 – hosted by Magenta Consultorio. The primary purpose of C1 will be to train the partner representative staff / trainers on the delivery of the training course developed in O1 & O2. The O3 course is 15 hours and in C1 we will introduce each module to ensure we have full understanding and buy-in to the content.  

C1 will also provide feedback on the content and recommend final minor adjustments. It will also be a forum to exchange views on learning provision for adult participants, sharing advice on what has worked well in their local training with the target groups / target course topics.  

The event will be attended by two representatives per partner, with partners using their roles in O1 & O2 to introduce, provide support, advice and guidance on their respective modules.  

The course timetable will be:
Day 1 – Getting to know each other, partner and personal introductions & experiences, overview of the project structure and work to date
Day 2 – Covering the modules included in O1 / local visit to learning provider training migrants
Day 3 – Introduction to the O2 Guidebook – workshop on additional items to include / discussion on the perspective of tutors on how best to tutor / Creating video on benefits of the project and next steps in using the learning form C1
Day 4 – Healthy Eating / Locally Sourced Food – embedding health messages in language training provision / Finalising preparations for O3 delivery / Summary of the week and full understanding by all of the next steps and transnational self-help support network  

At the end of each day we will timetable in reflection space for participants and seek their views on how to adapt future C1 days to maximise learning results  

The outcome will be to create a trans-national common understanding, approach and support network of trainers in the delivery of IO2.