Predict CSD Consulting

Predict CSD Consultancy is a company which was set up in 2006 and specializes in implementing projects, preparing products, delivering training courses or working on consultancy in different educational fields, such as:

  • E-learning / Online courses;
  • E-games;
  • Visual products: illustration, game design, graphic elements, educational videos etc;
  • Youth work;
  • Recruitment and selection of personnel – simulation exercises;
  • Organizing events in tourism, culture;
  • Stakeholders engagement;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility;


We have experience in involving thousands of people in online courses we are coordinating. We use at least the following software: Moodle, Articulate Storyline, Doodly, Toonly, Video Robot, Blender, Unreal Engine, Adobe packages etc.


We have worked both on 2D and 3D educational games which are inserted into our online courses to make them more interactive for the participants.


We produced over 20 small interactive games for the Learning to Learn and Youth Worker courses.


Based on 3D engines and editing software we produced a few educational 3D games, taking the interactivity on a higher level. A glimpse of what a simple game is you can get seeing this promotional video of the course, with the 3D game situations in the background:

More complex 3D educational games will be available in the other courses on the platforms and, starting with 2020.


Some of the materials prepared in the latest years can be seen on LOGOS, E-COURSE ICON COLLECTIONS, ILLUSTRATIONS, WEB-SITE LAYOUTS etc.


We used a variety of software to produce explanatory movies in our projects and activities. Some examples can be seen here:


In terms of consultancy, some of our activities are listed below:

CONSULTANCY FOR A PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY in the fields of: general management, how to choose an efficient place for a local branch, realizing marketing strategy, preparing the plans for recruitment, selection, orientation, motivation and rewarding for own personnel, making interview guide, SIMULATION exercises for potential employers, business plan etc.

COMMUNITY CENTER DEVELOPMENT – in a partnership with another company, we supported a corporate and a local community to set up a community centre which became a representative NGO for that community. For this project we followed the main steps from Stakeholders Engagement strategy: Inform, Consult, Involve, Collaborate and Empower. 

LOCAL PARTNERSHIP FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – in a partnership with another consultancy company, we supported the local community and local businesses to create a space for dialogue and partnerships in order to create local sustainable development initiatives and sustainable decisions. CITIZENS INVOLVEMENT – Assisting a national NGO to realize opinion pools, to involve citizens in the decisional process on transparency law, to organize seminars and to promote a specific project. 

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