Objectives of the project

The project “Language Learning through Culture & Cooking”

The Aims of the project are:

  • To develop new training materials for intercultural awareness, language learning through the medium of cookery;
  • To develop a manual on delivery techniques, sharing best practice and lesson plans;
  • To develop a manual with team building and integration exercises for adult learning providers and organisations;
  • To test drive and improve the materials through a pilot training course;
  • To develop and publish a Technique Handbook on healthy eating using traditional local food and raising cultural awareness;
  • To create Online Resource Toolbox of Lessons, Materials, Guidance and Handbooks.

The project objectives outlined in the proposal and enacted through Intellectual Outputs 1 to 5 maintained strong links with the following key competences, as described in the European Commission’s framework:

– KC 1: Communication in the mother tongue;

– KC2: Communication in foreign languages;

– KC5: Learning to learn;

– KC6: Social and civic competences;

– KC8: Cultural awareness and expression.

The project created a portfolio of training materials, guidelines, handbooks and online resources for organisations and adult trainers to draw upon to enhance the delivery of their lessons. They were written from the perspective of delivery within the setting of language learning for speakers of other languages, whilst at the same time recognising the potential for transferability to other course topics. The adult trainers and support staff were the prime project beneficiaries, with through course material delivery migrant communities being the ultimate beneficiaries, though the wider population also benefits through participation in cookery and cultural exchange.