Magenta Consultoría

We are a young and multidisciplinary team that adapts to the needs of the clientele, always trying to find the best solution and provide the greatest possible value to guarantee their satisfaction and comfort.

We like the closeness and that the people with whom we work are really satisfied with our work. Therefore, the professional profile of the team will adapt to the needs at all times to guarantee the success of our services.

Our company philosophy is based on people, which is why our differential value is our human team. We try to take care of the details to the maximum, forming a group of effective and high-performance people, without leaving aside the reconciliation of family, personal and work life. In this way, we create an unbeatable work environment that is reflected in the dealings with our customers and the network of collaborators that we have both within our region and country and in other parts of the world.


The work methodology we use is tailored to the clientele and their needs, always aiming at the users or end users of our services, giving special relevance to their personal, social and work improvement.

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