Intellectual Outputs

Develop Training Material on Cookery and Cultural Awareness Supporting Basic Skills – IO1


Starting from the basic idea of the LLCC project to combine language learning with cooking and intercultural dialogue, we have created in IO1 new training materials with the aim to rethink the language learning process. Divided into four modules with different topics covering various aspects of food and related traditions, the goal is to provide material that guarantee innovative and inspiring lessons helping learners from different cultural backgrounds to learn better the language and get to know the food traditions of their new country. The material was developed in all our partner languages (Romanian, German, English, Greek, Spanish, Lithuanian) using blended-learning methods with exercises and activities tailored for online courses and for face-to-face sessions.

In addition to interactive activities, we have also created for each of our four modules short and informative introductory videos that give participants an overview about the main content of each module.

Training Guidelines on How to Deliver a Cookery Intercultural Awareness Training Course – IO2

“Delivery techniques, sharing best practice, lesson plans”Handbook for the training course – M1

The main aim of this Manual is to give trainers that are working with the materials developed in the LLCC project an overview on how to use the material and how to implement and adapt it to the real course situation. The Manual also includes tips and advice that can be useful both for the course development phase and the implementation. 

The main objectives of the Training guidelines are: 

  • Inform trainers on how to use and adapt the concepts for their use
  • Recommendations on how to integrate language, literacy and numeracy into the training
  • How to deal with intercultural issues and different backgrounds of your participants 
  • Inform trainers about assessment methods and strategies
  • Offer Best Practise examples and lesson plans that can be used for the course designed by the trainers 
  • Engagement methods and useful tools for online courses 

Guidance material for Team building/integration exercises for adult learning providers, multi-cultural enterprises/organisations – M2

The aim of this manual is to support the creative delivery of the training materials and lesson plans found in manual 1. It will be a useful tool for trainers, adult learning providers, multi-cultural enterprises and other types of organizations offering informal learning for adults.

The objectives include:

  • It contains helpful information about how to work effectively within the informal adult learning sector and includes examples of best practice.
  • It aims to deliver tips and techniques for working with adults, including ice breakers, team building activities and ideas for exploring integration exercises.
  • It includes tips for embedding and enhancing basic skills in language, literacy, and numeracy.
  • It includes methods for successful online and blended learning delivery.